Quick Follow-Up

In critical rationalism, empiricism, fideism on 19/07/2011 at 9:13 am

The comments over at Feser’s blog are fairly amusing. The theist’s side is wanting, so they give the tu quoque: the empiricist’s is unfounded as well. I can only shrug and let them fight it out amongst themselves.

That said, it’s a good example of two groups operating within the justificationist meta-context, and generally falling all over themselves–one comment even relates to my previous post and CR in general, if you’re able to slog through the whole thread:

The OFloinn says,

What has been discounted was Popper’ larger program of discrediting the certainty of scientific knowledge, reducing it from knowledge to opinion, however well-educated the opinion was. It’s inadequacy can be seen by considering two falsified theories: Heliocentrism, falsified by the lack of stellar parallax by Aristotle, Archimedes, et al.; Maxwell’s electromagnetism, falsified by the existence of permanent magnets. These two examples indicate the inadequacies of Popperian irrationalism.

I sometimes wonder how some people are able to think and breathe at the same time without choking.


  1. I used to think I was lonely and misunderstood, but then I became a critical rationalist.

    Once you make the meta-contextual shift, debates that once seemed clever and interesting, the height of intellectual sparing, suddenly become moronic and futile wastes of time. The warts of justificiationism are suddenly obvious and everywhere. At first I suspected that I was just seeing it everywhere because that’s what I wanted, like a Marxist who just discovered the idea of exploitation and now see it in every social relationship. But I really don’t like justificationism; it is kind of repulsive and often insulting. It is especially difficult to address interesting philosophical problems with anyone; I end up spending all my time just trying to explain or defend critical rationalism. I really like it when people are not justificationists.

    • Lee,

      I think I figured out what you don’t like — I kid, I kid. Apparently it doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers you; I just see adults acting like children.

      • Well, I sometimes have more tolerance than other times. At the moment, I am online a lot discussing this stuff with and around justificationists, so right now it is kind of annoying.

        I think I would get kind of disenchanted and restless if I was a philosophy Ph.D.

  2. It probably wouldn’t help, either!

    It took you five years, remember :P

    • To clarify, it took me five years to adopt CR. I was skeptical of most mainstream theories of knowledge before. I suppose at that time the teenage impulse to be an iconoclast was overwhelming. I was also young at the time, and impressionable, and the justificationist account was so appealing–until it was not.

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